(Open to Government Employees Only)

We offer a special 15 CD program that is an abridged version of the joint Diplomat programs, which includes complete lectures of the sum total of the Diplomat programs offered by the University.

The abridged program was created for the government employees so that they can understand and use their learning without going through the entire diplomat programs individually. A special Diplomat of Islamic Sciences is awarded to those who complete the abridged studies. The abridged program is only open to the Government Employees including; City, County, State, Federal government departments. The cost of the CD’s for the abridged program are in addition to the $155.00 (one hundred and fifty five dollars per month fee per student)”. A total of 18 months enrollment is required to complete this program. A Bachelors degree in Islamic Sciences is also awarded to the students who complete the program.

The problem of terrorism cannot be wished away by any one. This problem requires a political solution. Our programs were created to enhance the understanding of the Government employee student as they serve our nation from military, through law enforcement, from political entities through the policy makers.

Our program provides the student with the crucial learning which allows them to understand as to why are we failing in Iraq and why there is a resurgent and evolving threat from the Taliban? Why can Muslims not understand that they live in dystopias while speaking constantly of a utopia?

These questions require immediate answers; above all the questions require an understanding that is completely missing amongst the policy makers and Military training officers who need to provide the soldier the basic understanding of the culture and religion of those with whom they come in contact with before entering the war zone.