EC 471 Evolution of the American Economy (3-0)
A history of American economy development. Analysis of growth and contemporary problems in policy.
EC 472 The Rise of Industrialism (3-0)
Historical development of the modern industrial economy from origins in medieval and modern Europe. The industrial revolution in England and its diffusion through the western world and beyond.
ECD 530 Theories and Techniques of Counseling (3-0)
This is a graduate course that combines the theory and philosophy with techniques of counseling. Behavior approaches, psychoanalytic approaches, client centered counseling, and relationship models, and their relation to counseling.
ECD 540 Gender Issues in Counseling (3-0)
Exploration of gender as primary identity. Emphasis is placed on gender dynamics in counseling & preventive approaches.
ECD 639 Group Counseling (3-0)
Theory and practice of group counseling. Theoretical positions include client-centered, behavioral and rational-emotive. Aspects of group process include group leadership, group membership, establishing and maintaining a group.
ECG 512 Law and Economics (3-0)
Economic analysis of sources and effects of law, including common law, statutory law, and regulation. Property rights and contracts, liability rules crime and punishment, statutory enactment, bureaucratic and institutional reform.
GN 301 Genetics in Human Affairs (3-0)
Application and understanding of genetics in everyday life. Genetic prospective on human development, birth defects, birth control, cancer, organ transplant, intelligence and mental illness, radiation and chemical exposure, and genetic ethics.
GN 504 Human Genetics (3-0)
Basic principles in understanding human genetics and an inquiry into modern genetics development within current research modules.
GN 540 Evolution (3-0)
Genetic basis of evolution, molecular evolution, molecular population evolution. Critical reading of original research publication. This is an important subject that is also required for theoretical research in various degree programs.
GRK 310 Classical Mythology (3-0)
Greek and Roman mythology via writing and art of the classical period. A study of religious myths vs. the secular myths and the role of myths on Greek histories development.
GRK 320 Greek Tragedy in Translation (3-0)
Tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides in translation. Literary and social aspects of individual plays and tragic genre, in fifth century. Selections from Aristophanes, Plato, Aristotle and Seneca on Greek tragedy.
HA 201 History of Art from Ancient Greek through the Renaissance (3-0)
A study of European culture through major art in the form of poetry, paintings, sculpture and architecture.
HA 202 History of Art from Renaissance through 20th Century (3-0)
This includes the modern American art in addition to the European Art.
MDS 105 A System Approach to the Universe (3-0)
Systems approaches to problems in physical, social, and behavioral sciences and technology. Concepts of general systems (interaction between systems functioning). Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary problem solving methods.
MDS 201 Environmental Ethics (3-0)
Interdisciplinary study of personal and cultural values in the form of an inquiry leading to a better answer weather the problems are solved or compounded by ethics of a people.
MDS 214 Technology and Values (3-0)
A study of technologies relationship with the society within the confines of need, perception and ethics.
MDS 240 African Civilization from Antiquity to the 1960’s (3-0)
A study of the following centers of classical Africa: Egypt in antiquity, Nubia, Axum, Mali, Songhai, Kilwa, Malinda, Sofola, Zainzibar and Monomotapa.
MDS 301 Science and Civilization (3-0)
An inquiry into the scientific achievement and cultural impact of the following: Ancient-Medieval model of Aristotle, Ptolemy, and Aquinas; the 17th century model of Newtonian physics; and the emerging model of Einstein, Planck, and Heisenberg.
MDS 302 Contemporary Science, Technology and Human Values (3-0)
Evaluation of ethics in science, technology and their impact on human values.
MEA 100 Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (3-0)
Introduction of process and linkages among major components of the biosphere such as: Geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere as interdependent systems.
PA 505 Administrative Law (3-0)
An in-depth study of the Administrative law environment with case studies, judicial powers, administrative control, legislative powers, regarding rights of citizens and corporate entities.
PA 511 Public Administration (6-0)
Public administration of the formal and informal organizations, processes of administration, political interaction and administrative responsibility and accountability.
PA 516 Public Policy Analysis (3-0)
Techniques of analyzing the developing and evaluating public policies and programs, along with cost containment formulas.
PA 518 Organization Design (3-0)
An examination of contemporary approaches to organization design, organizational development, human relations and self-management models.
PA 536 Association Management
A study of public administration policy application to the association management. Specific study of legal aspects, public relations, budgeting and financial management, membership development and the politics of association.
PA 601 Politics and Ethics of Public Administration (3-0)
An in-depth study of political links between administrator and the political entities ranging from State to Local self- governments.
PA 613 Government and Planning (3-0)
Survey of public policy development and the issues of growth in the Urban and Rural areas, along with population forecasting and development models.
PA 614 Management Systems (3-0)
A study of management systems such as management by objective, Quality management systems and performance monitoring.