Q.1 How will I study?
A. The student will study via web in an asynchronous mode. Your Professor will provide assignments via e-mail and the student will complete and return the assignments to the Professor via e-mail. Student logs on to the class intra-net, and collaborates with fellow students taking the same courses. The web conference between the student can be via phone line, or via text chat. All the class work is saved to web based services, such as Google docs, while calls can be initiated through Skype, and Jajah.

Q.2 How many credits are given for each course?
A. Each course consists of 4 credits.

Q.3 How much time will it take for the student to complete the degree?
A. The student can complete a degree program, as soon or as late as they wish, since the student alone is responsible for completing assignments in the given period of time.

Q.4 What hardware, software, books, and CDs will I need to complete the courses?
A. The student will need a computer that is at least a Celeron system that is equipped with a CD Rom, 512 MB ram, a sound card, running on Win XP. The student will need a Microsoft Office or compatible software. We suggest usage of the Open Office software since it is completely free software for both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. The program is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and you can convert all documents to PDF format.
Students will need to purchase books and CDs assigned by the Professors through the University Store. Students will need to download Adobe 8.0 plug-in software to read the PDF documents. Lectures will be provided on CD/DVD, as well as MP 3 formats. Students are responsible for the prepayment of the material, and should allow 15 days for shipping.

Q.6 Who selects and assigns the courses within a degree program?
A. Course assignment is made by the academic counselor.

Q.7 What is the approximate cost of the books, and CDs?
A. There is no standard, since the publishers of textbooks in a given subject can price the books and CDs at any price. The approximate cost estimate for Professors lectures is $6.99 plus shipping and handling of $1.99.

Q.8 How soon can I begin?
A. Students can begin as soon as the admission process is completed and you are provided course assignments. Students may have to take certain subjects first. The student counselor will go over the required courses that the student must take first as foundation courses before you begin choosing your own courses at the end of the first 16 credit set.