Specialization in Islam

Students complete specialized nation studies in; Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia. We also offer specialized study in the Muslim group and intra group dynamics, Islamic schools of law, their application and the regulatory environments, culture studies, geography based history, economics, socio-political, development of the sectarian divide, and the use of propaganda, by Muslim leaders that inducts sectarianism and anti Zionism in the fabric of each Muslim citizens thought process. We provide an in-depth comparative study of the three Western religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and their relationship over the past 1400 years.

Students study Israeli/Palestinian conflict, for this is one of the most important subjects in which Student attains the Muslim side of the story, and the student will gain understanding of Muslim populace universal conditioning by their leaders who happen to be the best friends of the West, yet blame all ills and their national failures on the Western/Zionist conspiracy against their nations.

Conspiracy theories offered by average Muslims are found to have been hatched by the intelligence agencies of the Muslim nations themselves, or through the Muslim media, which reaches a crescendo producing the ideology that only expects the complete destruction of Israel as the only outcome for the Palestinians to receive their freedom in the form of their independent nation.

Within the Palestinian, Israeli conflict study the student complete a survey of the conspiracy theories leading to mass paranoia amongst the Muslims. Muslim nations tell the US, that problems in the Muslim world are the result of the American policies of unlimited support for the Israelis. There indeed is some kernel of truth to their argument and only a fool without knowledge of history would believe otherwise.
However, emphasis is on the word “kernel” of truth. Muslims rulers are responsible for the misrule, corruption, fiscal frauds, deception,
denial of human and civil rights in their countries. These are not problems that were created by Americans, nor were they the creation of the Israelis. However, in our program we study the problem from a
Muslim point of view, that ensures that the student receives accurate knowledge in order to realize the base of the problems and how the student can build bridges with a billion plus Muslims living in some very important nations in the world.

Are the Muslim nations and their rulers truly so pro Palestinians as they declare in their speeches to their masses and at the UN, and in Fatwa’s in their Mosques? The issue is studied in depth from theological, sociological, political, economical, and national basis.

Students learn as to why Palestinians universally suffer economically, trying to exist with subsidies from Europe and America, which impose sanctions on them when they do not follow American/European policies? Facts, and history are the base upon which the student learns the arcane world of Muslim and Palestinian politics. Questions that arise in these studies have actual application in the real world, and as such our program is probably the best International Relations program offered this day in the US.

This institute was created to research and discuss in academia the problems of the Muslim nations, and their relationship with the world at large. We will study the failures of East and West to better understand how policy and its development in America and Europe brought us to where we find our selves mired in war against an ideology, rather than a State actor, within clearly defined borders.

Student studies the History of Oil and its politics around the world. This is an excellent program that competes with the best universities around the world. No one offers the history of oil with the depth of analysis that are offered at the Lynch Institute of Theoretical Sciences.