The first transcript shall be provided free of charge. Further transcripts shall be mailed directly to the institutions requesting the transcripts, and the transcripts shall only be released after the student MAILS a general release form and upon payment of the transcript fee of $15.00.

Unsigned, and Unsealed transcripts are not deemed as our official transcripts. All transcripts issued by the University always carry an official seal and the Registrar or Assistant Deans signature, if the Registrar is not available at the time when the said transcripts were requested.

Please allow 10 working days for the transcripts to arrive. We do not fax transcripts to any one. Transcripts requested by educational institutions must have student release form singed by the student, or the transcripts shall not be released.

Transcripts requests should be mailed to the Registrar of the University.

We will certify transcripts via e-mail for institutions requesting transcripts validation as long as the e-mail originates from an .EDU domain, and which we can verify through a phone call to the Institution. This shall be done without cost to the student or the institution. This is a new system of providing transcripts through intra university exchange, and would essentially eliminate the cost for the student.